name: Clark Cameron Evans
  profession: Software Developer
  company: Prometheus Research, Inc.
  email: [email protected]

    # there are many other individuals named 'Clark Evans', including:
    - Clark Evans, Sound Technician and Stage Manager, former 'Rocker
    - Clark Evans, Flordia State University Meteorology Student
    - Clark Evans, Veteran's Law Attorney
    - Clark W. Evans, Senior Reference Librarian at Library of Congress
    # people with 'Clark Evans' in their name:
    - Clark Evans Downs, Gas & Electric Attorney
    - Mrs. Clark Evans, English Teacher
    - Christine Clark-Evans, Penn State Professor
    - Evans Clark (1910-1970), late NY Times editorial writer
    # if you are named 'Clark Evans', I will gladly add you to the list

    # my current toolset
    - HTSQL: Hyper-Text Structured Query Language
    - YAML Ain't Markup Language
    - Python Programming Language
    - PostgreSQL Database
    - Extensible Markup Language (XML), 
      XML Transforms (XSLT)
    - wxPython, Postfix, FreeBSD.

    # some of the (non-proprietary) things I've worked on
    - Python Paste
    - Object Adaptation in Python
    - YAML Ain't Markup Language: Specification
    - Cooperative Data Flows in Python with Generators
    - SML-DEV's Common XML and Minimal XML.

    # links to other interesting things
    - eXtreme programming
    - Metamath
    - Center for Voting and Democracy
    - Electronic Frontier Foundation
    - Erlang
    - SML
    - Stackless Python
    - Icon

    # my public postings, in case you are curious
    - yaml-core mailing list archives
    - website and mail archives for twisted
    - archives for sml-dev, aka "simplifying XML"
    - list archives for Python
    - other postings on public lists

    # I love books... but only have time to list a few
    - Code, by Charles Petzold
    - Structured Analysis and System Specification, Tom DeMarco and P.J. Plauger
    - Analysis Patterns, by Martin Fowler
    - Data Model Patterns, by David Hay
    - Compilers, by Aho, Ullman, and Sethi
    - The C Programming Language, Kernighan and Ritchie
    - Planning Extreme Programming, Kent Beck and Martin Fowler
    - Conceptual Mathematics by Lawvere and Schanuel
    - Federalist Papers by Madison, Jay, and Hamilton

    #  frequently asked questions
    - question: what's up with this website anyway?
        - it is straight forward and clear
        - the format is YAML, both human readable and machine parsable
        - I like it